Our Team

Meet our team of caring, compassionate professionals, dedicated to providing you and your family the best in-home care and support for your individual needs and preferences.

Jigisha Kariya & Nerida Ives


Jigisha and Nerida joined the Home Instead family early in 2017.

Both Jigisha and Nerida have been Clinical Nurse Specialists in a highly intensive area of burns nursing and together have over 25 years of combined nursing experience. They have both helped in managing the department and have knowledge and understanding of the health care industry. 

They are both passionate in their care and believe that every individual needs the highest quality of care and support readily available to them. Jigisha and Nerida both realised that there isn’t enough quality services available to our ageing population to help them stay in their homes where they have spent most of their adult lives and have many wonderful happy memories. They came across the Home Instead family and saw their ideals and beliefs about quality care reflected in the company's ideology. They have since joined the family and strive every day to help the older Australians stay in their own homes.